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WITH ENHANCED BEVELED EDGES: Yes, for a realistic plank or tile look

LVT TYPE: Stone Plastic Composite (SPC)


WITH ACOUSTIC PAD: Optional underlayment for noise reduction

ZERO ACCLIMATION: Suitable for immediate installation in most environments

BACKINGTYPE: Rigid core construction for stability

CLICK TYPE: Click-lock installation system for easy DIY installation

STYLE: Wide range including contemporary, traditional, and rustic designs

SHADE VARIATIONS: Moderate to high, mimicking natural materials

WEAR LAYER: Typically 12-20 mil wear layer for durability

ENVIRONMENTAL: Low VOC emissions, recyclable materials used in production

WARRANTY: Typically comes with a residential and commercial warranty

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Experience the modern and unique charm of Amethyst Grey flooring. Its stone-like appearance, with hints of subtle magenta and purple hues, adds an intriguing element to your space. The grain patterns defy the typical expectations of flooring, creating a captivating visual appeal. The contrast between light and dark shades adds depth and character, while the rugged texture appearance enhances its allure. Embrace the simplicity and impressionable beauty this flooring offers, transforming your space into a contemporary haven of style.



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